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Dying to Live – Living to Die

Faith is filled with paradoxes. But if you ‘enter into’ these paradoxical mysteries, you will find that you can understand, learn and grow. You can find answers, healing and strength. Jesus was a paradox too! Jesus said “I came that you may have life, and have it more abundantly!” (John 10:10) Truly, He came to die for …

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Rules and Regulations

‘But what about all those rules and regulations!’ Ah, yes! Glad you asked! Every orderly society has rules and regulations. The Church does too!  Caring parents have rules and regulations and keep certain rituals…the time to rise, or times to eat, or the time to sleep…all out of love for the children. These are analogies to …

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Challenging Modern Beliefs

We find today a number of popularly believed notions that often go unchallenged. Let’s take a brief survey – and challenge – these ideas in an imaginary dialogue between two people. “YOU CAN’T LEGISLATE MORALITY.” Ok, then I can kill you! “No!” Why not? “Because killing is wrong!” Oh, I thought you said that morality should not be legislated? “I see …

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Catholic Cultural Clues

If you where curious about the original Christian Church, you could begin with the many ‘cultural clues’ around us. For example: Christmas = Beyond any doubt, Christmas is a contraction of the word’s “Christ’s Mass” – the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus with a solemn and beautiful Mass! Holiday = is a contraction of …

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What about Catholic Sins?

Whether it is charges of millions of dead during the Spanish Inquisition, or modern charges of priestly pedophilia, or Bible burning during the Protestant Reformation, or alleged Papal silence during WWII’s Nazi atrocities, there are a host of charges brought against Catholics and the Church. What about that long list of sins? First, we must …

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Catholics by the Numbers

There are 1.1 Billion Catholics worldwide. This makes the Catholic Church the largest Christian Church in the world. Respected historians agree that the Catholic Church was begun by Jesus Christ, around the year A.D. 33. This makes the Catholic Church almost 2000 years old. This also fulfills the Lord’s prophecy that even ‘the gates of …

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Catholic Education

When the Roman Empire was beginning to collapse, Catholic priests, monks and religious began establishing first monasteries, and later schools, colleges and universities. It’s a historic fact that the modern university is in large part the product of centuries of Catholic work in education. Catholic education can be found at the elementary school, middle and …

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